Our Mission...

   …with “The High 5 List” is to recognize business excellence in US cities across many food and entertainment categories. We comprise our “High 5” lists based off a unique 5-point ratings model. A good portion of the current weight in our present model is derived from countless hours of arduous research using outside aggregated sources that we value and respect. As the website grows, the goal is for that weight to naturally shift from outside aggregated sources to the valued experiences and opinions of our own “High 5” community. 

The Mission...

   …is also just to have fun and create “High 5” lists that bring a smile to your face or can help you find a solution to a problem. We take the integrity of our business selections very seriously. But we just want to have fun with the other “High 5” lists. We love to hear your suggestions for new creative lists and categories that can bring joy to others lives.

     All of our lists are 5 best. Not 29 best. Not 13 best. Just 5 best. We like to keep it simple and clean. We all have enough noise in our daily lives. More power to other sites, but I just don’t need to know the 19th best taco in my city. Five is good enough for me. Our aim is to be more of an awards-style entertainment site for the “Top 5”, not to be an ads-based city directory for every business in town like many other sites creating local lists.

Thank You for Visiting!

     We feel honored that you’re even reading our Mission and we hope you join our “High 5” family! We value your suggestions for businesses that deserve recognition, as well as your creative ideas for fun new “High 5” lists.

Happy Surfing!